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Tired of experiencing the misery of poison ivy rash? Contact us to completely remove the poison ivy plants from your residence or business. 

Many commonly available herbicides are inadequate to kill established poison ivy plants.  The leaves will fall off, and the plant will start growing back in a few weeks.  If the herbicides work, the dead poison ivy plant material that lingers on your property remains toxic for 5+ years!

During a free estimate we will visit your property and assess the poison ivy plants growing there, make a plan with you for the removal process, and select a date for the removal job.

On the day of the job, we will show up on time, completely remove the poison ivy plants (roots and all), without using harmful chemicals.  Poison Ivy plant material will be bagged up and hauled away. 




Chief Poison Ivy Remover

12 Years of experience working with poison ivy, studying the ecology of poison ivy in natural & human landscapes.  Extensive experience with prevention and treatment of poison ivy rash.

Dan Boelman
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